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This is a real wildlife sanctuary where anything can happen 'on the day' so it is impossible to tell you exactly what to expect. Adult program minimum age 16. Junior program age 13 to 15. Your day is likely to look something like this: The day starts at 9am and finishes at 3:30pm. You will have breaks during the day. After a brief orientation, your ranger will give you an outline of the plan for the day (but remember, it may change). You may work with one or more rangers during the day. Tell us your favourite animal when you arrive and we will make sure that you get some special time with it. Your work will include some or all (or none) of the following: Cleaning the animals' sleeping areas; Preparing food for the animals; Changing the 'furnishings' in the enclosures; Counting and health checking the animals; Minor repairs to the animals' camps; Enrichment activities with the animals to make sure they don't get board and frustrated; Feeding the animals; Overseeing other visitors interacting with the animals.

Average Duration: 6 and a half hours

About Walkabout Wildlife Park

1 hour north of Sydney and south of Newcastle.
Take the Calga exit off the M1 Pacific Motorway.

1 Darkinjung Road,
cnr Peats Ridge Road
Calga, NSW 2250

Dress Code

SHOES must be worn at all times. We recommend closed flat shoes. On the 'Animal Loop' sandals are ok. If you want to walk the bush tracks, we recommend more secure footwear.

SHIRTS must be worn at all times.

LONG PANTS are recommended as this is the Australian bush and there are sticks and insects that might scratch or bite.

Spectator Information

If someone would like to come along to the park with you and NOT join in the Ranger for a Day program, they can get a 10% discount off their entry price.

Weather Information

ALL WEATHER EXPERIENCE: When it comes to the Australian bush, there is no such thing as bad weather, just the wrong clothes.

CANCELLATIONS: We very rarely cancel an experience due to weather. This would only be done if conditions were considered dangerous. Don’t stay home. Dress for the weather and come and see what the animals get up to in the wet.

HEAT: If it is hot, bring a hat, water bottle, sunscreen and sun glasses.

RAIN: If it is wet, we do NOT recommend umbrellas as they get caught on overhanging branches. Bring a raincoat or purchase a lightweight rain poncho in our shop, put on your gum boots, and get ready to stomp in some puddles.

SOGGY GROUND: The ground is usually dry. Walkabout Park is on top of the ridge-line so any rain usually drains away quickly, leaving the ground mud-free.

Other Information

FEEDING ANIMALS: Do not feed any animals (except farm animals in the petting zoo). Do not walk around with food as this is a temptation to the animals. Only eat inside the fenced picnic area. People think that feeding animals makes them your friend. It doesn't. It just teaches them that people will give them food. This is confusing and animals may become aggressive if a person (even a small child) then does not give them food. Walkabout Park animals are gentle and well behaved. This is because they do not expect food from you. Please help us to keep Walkabout Park safe for animals and people.

SELFIE STICKS: Do not use selfie sticks to photograph inside animal enclosures. Do not extend any part of your body or any property over the fence of any enclosure.

STAY ON THE TRACKS: All visitors must remain on the tracks at all times, unless on a guided ‘off the tracks’ walk with a Ranger.

PRAMS & WHEELCHAIRS: Wheels are ok on the Animal Loop, but please note that the paths are compressed natural earth so it will be a bit of a bumpy ride in places. You cannot get wheels around the bush tracks so, if you would like to take an infant on the tracks beyond the Animal Loop, we recommend bringing a baby backpack.

LITTERING: Do not spit or drop a cigarette butt or trash as this is a health hazard for our animals who may eat it and get sick.


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